Thursday, December 30, 2004

Crosby coming to Moncton Wildcats?

Rumor has it... it could be a possibility that the MINI-me-Gretzky might, with a large sum of money, consider coming to play for the #1 placed team in the QMJHL , the Moncton Wildcats! Is this a simple rumor or is this actually in the works? And what would it take to make this happen? Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sidney Crosby Going to NHL with or without NHLPA deal?

Crosby...a replacement player?
Well that was the question asked of him on TSN just recently and Crosby stated, "I haven't really given it a lot of thought, but my dream is to play in the NHL," Crosby told Canadian TV network TSN on Sunday. "I think if I do have the opportunity, I would probably go."

This revelation sent the hockey world in an uproar! Crosby, also known as MINI-me-Gretzky, had to recant his statement and clarify himself on TSN the next day saying, "If there is an NHL with replacement players, I think for me to be involved and to say that I would play in the league is not true," Crosby told the Canadian Press. "If the NHL is the real NHL with the best players in the world, for sure I want to play in it. But at the same time, if it's a league of replacement players, it's not the real NHL. And with all the things going on right now with players and owners, it's not right, and I don't think I'd be playing in a league like that."

Crosby, allready slated to be the #1 NHL entry draft-pick...if there is a draft.

Canada Wins A game against Germany! 9-0

Allright! Great job guys! Or was it? A powerhouse victory?

Is there even any snow in Germany? I was watching the game and I was sure that the Germans had no idea what in the world hit them. They were mesmerized by the skating ability, the prowess and the speed of our Great Canadian Team! I am sure that I have seen a local TImbits hockey team show more orginization than these guys. I am sure that the German team practiced day and night to compete at this level, but holy-man, they were way off base with this one. Unfortunately, most of the German team are San Jose Sharks draft picks...this should be a great investement that will secure San Jose's first overall draft picking position for the next 10 years! Anyways, I guess I should introduce myself, I am Don Legere. At the age of 28, I am a sales prfessional for Campbells Auto Sales I am totally new at blogging and I think this should be intresting. I know that there are many hockey fans out there and I wanted to introduce this blog for us. IS Sidney Crosby going to be the newest Wayne Gretzky? (Like Eric Lindros?) Let me know what you think. Thanks